Why nourishment is important to us

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    At nurseries by Gymfinity Kids, we know how important it is to provide children with nourishing meals. Studies show that a child’s diet directly impacts their growth and development. However, when it comes to food, we know that toddlers are often the toughest critics.

    So, to make sure we deliver the perfect balance of support, we provide childcare that is rooted in three pillars: Nourishment, Development, and Movement. These three pillars, otherwise known as our guiding stars, are the foundation of our nursery values.

    As well as delivering a high standard of Early Years Foundation stage education with daily access to state-of-the-art gym facilities, we serve a balanced delicious menu designed by the No.1 children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel MBE.

    Providing a first-class menu for our nurseries and ensuring children are fuelled with the very best nourishment, keeping little ones full of energy all day.

    Let’s break down what nourishment means to us here at nurseries by Gymfinity Kids:

    The Yum Yum Food Company and Annabel Karmel

    Last year we teamed up with the Yum Yum Food Company & globally renowned food expert Annabel Karmel to provide our children with the yummiest nutritious diet. They visited our nursery in Milton Keynes to share some insight behind our menu and why nutrition is so important for little ones.

    Annabel explains why nourishment at nursery is so important: “Eating habits and tastes are formed from an early age, so it’s crucial to introduce a good variety of foods at the earliest possible opportunity. Nurseries play such an important role in ensuring that children receive the nutritional balance they need for their optimum development and long-term health.”

    Good nutrition is important for children to grow appropriately which is why a balanced, healthy and great tasting menu is at the heart of every mealtime.

    Read our full interview with Annabel Karmel

    Annabel Karmel visits Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids in Milton Keynes

    Nursery Mealtimes

    From breakfast to dinner, all children at nurseries by Gymfinity Kids enjoy a first-class menu from the Yum Yum food company.

    Little ones can start their day snacking on Greek yoghurt and berries, then a scrummy Mediterranean vegetable tagin for lunch followed by beef in hoisin sauce and roasted courgette (not to mention the scrumptious snacks in-between)!

    Take a look at our menu here.

    Food Education

    Developing positive relationships with food from an early age is also a key focus on the agenda. Educating children about fruit and vegetables and how they grow naturally, encourages them to make healthy food choices for themselves in the future.

    This routine of good nutritional eating, as well as discovery, helps our children grow up to have a healthy attitude towards food and how to build better food habits for maintaining a healthy body.

    National Nursery Manager, Heidi explains: “The children are delighted and love seeing their vegetables growing in the garden. They will often pick them and eat them as part of their day-time snack or for ingredients in their meals.”

     Find out more about our Nourishment Pillar. Our nurseries are located in Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Maidstone & Wandsworth, book a personal tour today!