Why movement is so important to us

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    At nurseries by Gymfinity Kids we know how important it is to keep children active. After all, being active is what children do best.  

    So, to make sure we deliver the perfect balance of support, we provide childcare that is rooted in three pillars: Nourishment, Development, and Movement. These three pillars, otherwise known as our guiding stars, are the foundation of our nursery values.

    For us movement is a crucial part of how we can help make sure that all our children grow towards a bright, healthy and happy future. We know that a healthy mind needs a healthy body, to support growing minds, movement and keeping active is essential!

    Here’s what we do to support our Movement pillar:

    State-of-the-art gym facilities

    Our access to Gymfinity Kids unique state-of-the-art gym facility means we’re the perfect place for your child to be active during their time spent at nursery.

    Developing a child’s skills using our specialist equipment will support advancement in the following key areas:

    • Allows children to push their own physical boundaries in a safe environment
    • Climbing, jumping, hanging and swinging
    • Grows essential motor skills
    • Builds confidence, self-esteem and body awareness
    • Advances coordination, strength, flexibility and hand-eye coordination
    • Supports the development of emotional and social skills

    Daily exercise classes

    Each individual age group gets 1 hour of structured gymnastics activities led by qualified gymnastics coach who specialise in preschool.

    Our preschool gymnastics classes are broken down into 2 groups, age 2-3 years and 3-5 years. Each group will have 1 hour in the gym each day split into two half-an-hour sessions, one half an hour in the morning and one-half hour afternoon.

    Preschool Award Scheme

    At our nurseries, children enjoy taking part in the Gymfinity Kids Pre School Award Scheme which goes from level 1 – 5. This focuses on the development of coordination, locomotor skills, action skills, balance and weight bearing.

    We hold a presentation week to celebrate the development of the children. Parents will be invited to watch the class and see the children receive awards and certificates. We’re all about making learning and development fun as well as active!

    Find out more about our Movement Pillar. Our nurseries are located in Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Maidstone & Wandsworth, book a personal tour today!

    National Nursery Manager Heidi, explains: “Seeing the joy and sense of achievement on children’s faces when they receive their medals and certificate during our nursery club week is a pleasure, they’re always very excited to show mum and dad what they’ve been learning!”