Trick or treat alternatives for Halloween

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    Prepare now and give your little ones some Halloween fun without the safety concerns of going door-to-door. At nurseries by Gymfinity Kids, we’ve come up with 5 trick or treat alternatives you can try at home.

    There are lots of cool, still-in-the-spirit-of-Halloween activities you can do this month that will be fun for kids and grownups alike. The best part? You can customise them to make them as spooky (or not) —as you like.

    At home Halloween activities:

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    Hide some treats and create a scavenger hunt around the house with clues about different locations written on orange paper, for younger ones use picture cards.

    Once your children are in costume, hand them the first clue and watch as they collect the hidden sweets or prizes in their trick-or-treat bags.

    Decorate Pumpkins

    Normally our front doors and windows are full of smiles and laughter on Halloween night as little monsters walk up to our drive. This year, you can still create a fun family night in by setting up a pumpkin decoration station. Pick up some pumpkins, play some spooky music, and get to work carving jack-o’-lanterns.

    Create a Fiendish Fruit Platter

    Have a spooooooky good time creating a fiendish fruit platter. Our nutritionist friend Annabel Karmel has created devilishly good snack activities, we just know little ghosts and ghouls will love. Be wicked and click here to trick your little ones into eating fruit this Halloween!

    Find out why nutrition is important to us here.

    Have a Virtual Costume Party

    Just because you won’t be going door-to-door this year doesn’t mean you can’t show off your costumes! Have a competition with your wider family and friends to see who can make the most imaginative DIY Halloween costume from things around the house. To make sure the virtual event goes off without a hitch, coordinate the details the week before. Find a time that works for everyone then send out email invitations with a link to the Zoom.

    Make Halloween Crafts

    Social distancing is hard enough for children. So Luckily, we have a few fun Halloween craft ideas to help keep them busy and entertained, like our Frankenstein Halloween handprint or Paint Splat Witch’s Cauldron. On Halloween night, set up a craft station and set them loose to create whatever they like—while in costume, of course!

    Treat Caldron

    The concept is similar to a Christmas stocking, with a spooky Halloween themed twist. If you don’t have a candy caldron a simple wicker basket will do the job just fine. The idea is to fill with Halloween themed treats such as: colouring books, crayons, books, toffee apples et which are in all the shops right now (plus some sweets).

    Whatever you end up doing with your little monsters this Halloween, remember to share your creations with us on Instagram.

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