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    Fun activities for energetic bodies

    To support growing minds, movement and keeping active is essential! With direct access to the Gymfinity Kids state-of-the-art gym, we combine our learning programme with our activity classes. Each age group gets 1 hour of structured gymnastics activities led by qualified gymnastics coach who specialises in pre-school. Our pre-school gymnastics classes are broken down into 2 groups, age 2-3 years and 3-5 years. Each group will have 1 hour in the gym each day split into two half-an-hour sessions, one half an hour in the morning and one-half hour afternoon. Gymfinity Kids Pre School Award Scheme The nursery children will all work towards the Gymfinity Kids Pre School Award Scheme which goes from level 1 – 5. This focuses on the development of coordination and locomotor skills, action skills, balance and weight bearing.

    All nursery children will have the opportunity to use all our equipment including:

    • Beams
    • Bars
    • Ninja area
    • Vault / air track
    • Monkey bars
    • Trampoline, fast track and pit
    • Slides
    • Soft play
    • Hand apparatus

    Using this equipment will help the children learn and develop several different skills including:

    • How to climb, jump, hang and swing and experiment at their own individual rate as well as growing essential motor skills.
    • Building confidence, self-esteem and body awareness
    • Coordination, strength, flexibility and hand-eye coordination
    • Developing emotional and social skills

    Here’s an example of our gym timetable

    DayMorning lessonAfternoon lesson
    MondaySprung floorBeam
    TuesdayAsymmetric barsVault and jumping
    WednesdayTrampolines and TrackNinja course
    ThursdaySprung floor/  skillsAsymmetric bars / mini bars
    FridayFloor and hand apparatusSoft play and slides, fun games and activities

    Nursery Movement Week

    Movement Week is an opportunity to celebrate every child’s development through the Gymfinity Kids preschool award scheme. Parents are invited to come along and watch the presentation to see their child receive awards and certificates.

    The event takes place every 3 months, giving children the chance to showcase the new skills they’ve been learning in daily exercise classes using our onsite-gym facilities.

    We’re all about making learning and development fun as well as active! Find out more about Gymfinity Kids and the specialist Preschool Programme here.

    *Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to host Nursery Movement Weeks at this point in time, however parents will be updated on their child’s progress via the ParentZone app as well as during virtual parent’s evenings.

    Baby Balance Excercise Classes

    This programme combines music, movement and sensory stimulation. Each session is designed to help develop your baby’s sensory awareness, mobility, strength and balance.  

    This programme is an outstanding springboard for developing the skills and behaviours that enable children to be successful and set them up for life. Following Directions Getting our little ones to ‘stop’ and listen without being distracted is often testing! We help create many circumstances where listening, learning and following direction can be taught and absorbed. Discipline Our structured preschool classes help to underpin rules and regulations while still being exciting and motivational. Discipline isn’t just about rules and regulations but also about how those rules enable children to navigate their environment. Strength, Fitness and Motor Skills Childhood obesity is becoming more and more troublesome. Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise which develops strength, flexibility, speed, power, balance, and coordination. Plus, it’s fun to do! Gymnastics and ninja will develop positive feelings associated with sport and fitness that can last a lifetime! Emotional and Social Confidence, overcoming fear, and new experiences are an important part of life! Whether it’s learning a forward roll or speaking in front of class –  this programme helps associate new experiences in a positive way. At Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids, our “personal best” philosophy helps every child feel a sense of success and achievement. Co-operation, working with others and teamwork are also an important part of our programme.