Our Pillars

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    Three small steps, one big leap for their future

    Every child that walks through our doors is unique in the way they learn, develop and grow. To make sure we deliver the perfect balance of support for each of them, we provide childcare that is rooted in three pillars: Nourishment, Development, and Movement

    These three pillars are our guiding stars

    In developing these unique pillars, we knew it was crucial to establish which areas of childcare have the biggest and most positive impact on a child in their early years. Arriving at these pillars shone a light on how we can help make sure that all our children grow towards a bright, healthy and happy future.


    Smart food decisions for little tummies

    We nourish our children with only the most nutritional and healthy food. With a menu devised by our expert children’s nutritionist, your child will eat a balanced diet proven to improve concentration, learning, energy and more.

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    Engaging education for growing minds

    We are proud to provide children with a high standard of education, using the Early Years Foundation stage which we use as a support with our practice to ensure children develop at an appropriate stage for their age.

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    Fun activities for energetic bodies

    We know that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. Our access to the Gymfinity Kids unique state-of-the-art gym facility means we’re the perfect place for your child to be active while developing their balance and coordination skills.

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