Our Values

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    Big values for growing big futures

    Staying true to our values is very important to us because these are our promises to all our parents. Our dedication to delivering on these values makes us more than just a childcare service, we’re a family that is future and well-being focused.


    We believe parents are natural gymnasts, balancing the tasks of modern family life. So, it’s important to us that we fit around our parents’ busy schedules and changing needs with ease.


    We encourage all children to practise mindfulness during their day with us, focusing their attention on the present moment improving focus, self-awareness and emotional well-being.


    We uphold a culture that values tolerance, inclusion, diversity and equality at Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids.


    We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to look after the children in our care. Our focus is always in line with our three pillars of excellence: Nourishment, Development and Movement.


    We recognise that in order for each individual child to fulfil their potential we must provide an environment to support their emotional, physical and mental well-being.