Halloween fun at Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids

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    Halloween is spookily close, so at Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids we are getting in the spirit of the holiday with some (not so scary) themed activities. Our toddlers are looking at the nutritional value of pumpkins as well as learning about spiders.

    Also, read below for some fun rainy-day activities and craft ideas for you and your toddler to try this October.

    Halloween fun at nursery

    Pumpkin soup

    This week our toddlers have been learning to make the perfect bowl of spiced pumpkin soup. Surprisingly, we learned that pumpkins are scientifically fruit, not vegetables. Nevertheless, they’re packed with lots of lovely vitamins that help boost immune systems. After lots of toddler fun hollowing out the pumpkins, we ate some yummy nutritional soup.

    Find out why nutrition is important to us here.

    Where spiders live

    Our eight-legged friends aren’t scary at all. At the nursery, we learned that spiders aren’t insects, but arachnids and spin pretty webs to catch other bugs to eat. We found out about the different spider habitats and how important they are to the ecosystem.

    Halloween craft idea for toddlers

    Frankenstein Halloween handprint

    If you’re looking for a fun school holiday activity to try at home with your toddler, try Halloween handprints. The scariest part is when they end up spilling paint on the carpet!

    This simple craft idea only takes 3 steps:

    • Step 1. Chose a green coloured card to draw around your little one’s hand, then cut out.
    • Step 2. Use black paint or black marker pen to colour in the fingertips.
    • Step 3. Glue on some eyebrows and googly eyes to bring your Frankenstein hand to life!

    Paint Splat Witch’s Cauldron

    Double trouble cauldron bubble! An ideal craft idea for lots of toddler fun, try making a paint splat Witch’s cauldron.

    • Step 1. Draw your cauldron shape onto a piece of white paper, then cut out and repeat on two pieces of black paper.
    • Step 2. Let your toddler use the white cauldron to play with a mixture of paints to create the magical liquid spell.
    • Step 3. Take one of the black cut-outs and cut a large hole in the middle. Then glue all the pieces of paper together to create the enchanting cauldron!

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