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    Just like time travellers, parents have to manage multiple demands while keeping life working like clockwork. That’s why we’ve made our nursery fees simple and easy to follow.

    Our Nursery Registration fee is the first step to becoming part of our family. This guarantees your child’s nursery place and includes all the settling sessions your little one (and you) may need.

    Everything’s Included!

    We provide everything your child will need while they’re with us. We have food, toys, nappies, milk, and other essentials.  Also included in this one-off fee is your child’s nursery uniform. A short-sleeved polo shirt, navy blue jumper and our official nursery backpack. In addition to the uniform, each child will receive their own 360ml water bottle as well as a height chart to track their growth at home.

    If you have any questions about our Nursery Registration fee, please contact a member of our nursery team or download more information about our fee structure here.

    Funded Childcare is also available!

    15/30hours funding

    We know that covering the cost of childcare isn’t always easy, so we’re really pleased to tell you our nurseries also offer 30 hours of nursery funding from 3yrs, on a stretched basis. The number of day-care sessions will affect the amount of funding available to claim.

    If your child is entitled to 30 hours funded childcare, you must have applied for your code and discussed your requirements with your Nursery Manager ahead of your settling in sessions.

    Fully Funded

    In our Maidstone & Wandsworth settings we also offer fully funded childcare (up to 570 hours) To check your entitlement and to apply for your code visit,

    For further information on how this will affect your monthly fees speak to your Nursery Manager.

    Funding Example

    11hrs (15hrs pro rata)

    Registration FeeHalf DayFull DayAdditional Breakfast or Evening Club

    22hrs (30hrs pro rata)

    Registration FeeHalf DayFull DayAdditional Breakfast or Evening Club

    At Gymfinity Kids, funding is spread throughout 52 weeks of the year, unlike some settings which only offer term-time spaces. 

    Please note, this is an example only, the amount of funding you are able to claim is dependent on the sessions you attend and your child’s eligibility for funding.   

    Please note, prices may vary per location, for location fees please see your nursery location page.


    How do I apply?

    You can find out more about the funding at or call the government’s Childcare Service Helpline on 0300 123 4097.