Daily Routine

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    A Day at Nursery


    It’s only natural to be interested in what a typical day in our nursery might look like. So, we’ve put together a detailed timeline of the activities your child will experience during an ordinary day.

    1. Breakfast 7 am-8 am

      On arrival, your child will be invited to choose from a selection of cereals and toast for breakfast. Our nursery team encourage all children to self-serve and make healthy choices.

    2. Gymfinity kids session

      Later that morning your child will have a 45minute gym floor session with a qualified Gymfinity Kids coach. This is when children begin working towards their star moves progression program. Your child will bring home a certificate for each level they pass.

    3. Rolling Snack

      After working up an appetite, your child will then be able to choose whether they wish to have a healthy snack by coming to the snack table at their own will. This is to encourage independence; our nursery team will encourage children to choose one of the nutritious snack options. Your child will then prepare their snack by cutting their own fruits or buttering their own crackers or rice cakes.

    4. Outdoor play

      As part of your child’s daily routine, they’ll have access to an outdoor play area. This is an opportunity for children to develop social and physical skills as they join in with planned playground games or use sports equipment to build strength and agility.

    5. Lunch

      Now is the time to enjoy our nursery menu, which has been endorsed by a leading child expert nutritionist. We cater for all allergy, cultural and religious requirements. Your child will receive a hot, nutritious and yummy lunch every day.

    6. Sleep/ Mindfulness

      After a big lunch your child will usually have a mid-day sleep on one our flat beds in a calm and relaxing environment. As a setting we promote mindfulness, so if your child doesn’t feel sleepy they’ll be encouraged to participate in a yoga or mindfulness session delivered by a trained member of the team.

    7. Early Years Foundation Stage-Play

      At our nursery, your child will follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum. Throughout their day your child will take part in activities planned by their key person. These activities are designed to develop your child’s learning, meeting key milestones and celebrate other cultures and British values.

    8. Tea

      To finish their day, your child will be provided with afternoon tea. All children are encouraged to join in with the preparation. This helps to develop an understanding of healthy eating and key life skills.

    If you have any questions about our nursery activities, please contact a member of our nursery team directly or read our frequently asked questions page.

    We will follow your babies individual feeding and sleeping routine